Monday, February 17, 2014

Alaska trip part five

Part five


  1. I've gone back through and read quite a bit of your blog (meaning, spent entirely too much time, by most standards) and I have just one question..... will you adopt us?
    Pretty please?
    I have 3 kids that are more than willing to help scrub the roof & can change out flat tires, a husband that works from home & is just the most awesome guy to have around (he can cook & fix things), and I can help you with navigational issues and will promise to always find the best bargains on gas. Oh, and we do have Hampton, our English mastiff pup. While he eats a lot, he just mainly lays around and snores, loudly.
    Whatta ya say? Doesn't this sound fun? :-D

    Seriously, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog & travels. Can't wait until you're all settled in your new house, and back on the road.
    Take care!

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment. We write this blog for a journal for ourselves and our kids, also family and friends to follow along. We hope the blog also helps others in their travels and to inspire others to "hit the road". Thanks again, and by the way if we meet up on the road I'll take you up on that offer of washing our rig. LOL