Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We are still here, just very busy

     Hi to everyone. We have been very busy moving into our new home, (home base). We are still planning on rving, just using our Florida home probably for a winter retreat. Not sure yet if we will do any other winter rving. We just need a little time to get settled in. This all happened so fast we still can’t believe we are home owners. This is after we said we would never own a home again. Well never say never. But now we have a security blanket. We have already  established a doctors and dentist. We have already met some great folks that live in our development.  We have been lucky that the house was in move in condition and at least half furnished. We will be adding our own touches (Linda’s) a little at a time. The biggest plus for us is my cousin Jane and her husband Nick. They have been super helpful in so many ways . They wintered here for the past eleven years and besides knowing all the good places to eat they also know the area quit well. They made our transition into our home a lot less stressful. Like who to call or where to go for whatever. They have been our own personal concierge.      

      Not sure when or where our next trip will be. We do have several doctors’ appointments in Bethlehem PA (our old home town) for the end of April. We may just go back to PA in our car and come back to Florida to finish making our new home “our home”.
    I am in the process of uploading some Alaska Photo's that were lost in cyber space. Will post soon.

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