Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Alaska trip part 11

part 11the last of the photo's. We took at least 2,000 photo's on this trip. We hope to return some day.

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  1. Hi Bob and Linda,

    I've been enjoying all of your Alaska pictures. It's such a spectacular place! It must have been hard to chose which ones to post. Most people don't drive all the way to Salmon glacier but I think it's a view that everyone should experience in person!

    I did see that you decided to buy a home base down here in Florida but for some reason I thought that it was on the Gulf side. We were just out your way at the end of January, visiting the space center. There's so much to see and do in Florida. It seems like an ideal place to retire just as long as you can get out once the summer heat comes. :-D

    Hope you're getting settled in nicely.