Saturday, March 15, 2014

From Full time rver's to home owners.

   Wow, what a journey we had for the last month, from full time RVer's to home owners. To our many RV friends and followers we are still going to RV, and we will still keep blogging. BUT, and this is a very large but, we are going to down size our RV. We are looking at class "C" motorhomes.       This is quite a change for us. After  9 + years as full time RVing it is a shock  not waking up in an RV. Our full time experience was wonderful, and we will truly miss it. But even though we now have a home connected to one spot the RV lifestyle is still calling out to us. We can't wait to get back on the road.

       This view makes Bob happy. Not sure I would like this change in our life style if it were not for this view. It did help in my decision to buy a house.  For Linda it was a sense of security to have a home base. Note I am calling it a home base. That is because we still plan to travel, not sure  if it will be for 4,5 or 6 months a year or perhaps more or less. This transition period may take us off the road for a few months or more till we get the home base the way we want it. We want to make it our own. If the fishing is as good as some folks that live here tell us, it may be a longer period. But we have to be back in PA for doctor appointments in late April. We did establish a doctor and dentist in this area, but still are maintaining our PA doctors.
     Since we moved into the home base we had visits from 3 wonderful couples we met "on the road". It is amazing how many folks we can call friends that we met in are travels. I us this analogy about  RV folks. You pull into a RV park and next to you is fellow RVer  hooking up just like you are doing. Next thing you know you are talking about the road to the park or another RV park or a great place to visit or our all time favorite a great place to eat. Next thing you know you are making plan's to go to dinner with you new friend. Can you see pulling into a motel and knocking on the door next to yours and asking them to go out to dinner. Not going to happen. This is just one of the things so great about RVing, getting to meet some wonderful people.

Work getting done in Florida room

Bob on ladder, first time in over nine years

New tile floor

    Friends Gerry and Diane who paid us a visit and were staying at Jetty Park and called us to see if we wanted to see a rocket launch. Yes. So off we went ,a short half hour ride to Cape Canaveral  to see the launch. We had never witnessed a rocket launch before so it was a nice thrill for us. It was a night lunch.


there it goes on it way into orbit

Higher and higher

Then just a tiny speck in the sky

 It was the launch of Delta IV rocket. It carried a new GPS Satellite into orbit. The launch was February 20th, so you see how far behind I an on our blogging.


  1. Congratulations on your new home and I am glad you have a home base. Your location looks beautiful. We are very happy for you both. Love your Alaska pictures. Alaska is on my bucket list. Enjoy your new home!

  2. Hope all is well. We are going to put our MH up at PPL for the summer and when it sells we are getting a Manufactured Home to place here at Tropic Winds in Harlingen Tx. Things do change in a heart beat