Monday, May 26, 2014

Back in Florida

Hi to all. We are back in Florida enjoying some warm weather. We are doing a few more things to the house to make it our own. Our landscaping is rewarding us with many beautiful flowers. We plan to be back on the road in about two weeks.

A lifesaver plant, no we didn't paste on lifesavers.

Many different types of hibiscus

This is one of our palm  getting many rave reviews. It is at the very front of our yard. Some evenings we have a lineup of golf carts and walkers, all women admiring our palm.

It grows about an inch day
This is new growth on another palm, also grows about an in a day

One evening we were treated to a rocket launch.

See the two tiny spects, they are the boosters rockets braking away.

The orange color is the sun reflecting off the vapor trail

See the reflection on the lake

This is the launch party, note Bob is the only guy. To many widows in the park
Our clubhouse

This is what sold Bob on buying a house. Looking across our deck.

A small bass from our dock.

Our house in the middle

Our daughter in law Dawn saved some of Linda's miniature Longaberger baskets for her, knowing some day, or hoping some day she would have a place for them. The baskets in the middle along the top are across the room being reflected in the mirror. What a great shot
Making room for guests. Futon's have come a long way. Note the drawers underneath the seat and the fold down end tables. It has an 8" mattress.

Still have decorating to do in this room. It all takes time

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