Monday, June 2, 2014


      First let me start off with telling you all that Linda and I became Florida residents. And second here is our first selfie photo.

Third,  As I said in the passed our home in Florida is our home base as we still intend to travel. As many of you noted in our last blog we said we would be on the road in about two weeks.  We received some emails asking if we will be using our 5th wheel or did we sell it and get something new. The answer to that question is we traded the 5th wheel and purchased a 2015 Four Winds class C motor home built by Thor. We took delivery of the class C on Friday the 30th.

In front of our home, didn't open the road side slide as it stuck out into the road

From the home side looking out

I know I'll have to eat a lot of crow from my Ford friends, as it is built on a ford chassis.

We will be towing our HHR behind the motor home. We now have appointment for the 12th of June for the installation of the towing hitch and base plate on the HHR. Hopefully a day or two after that we hope to be on the road. Our travel plans are still in the planning stage. We will keep you posted. Also we will post photo's of the interior, but I lost the file somewhere on the computer


  1. Congratulations, not a bad first selfie.

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to follow along with you!