Monday, June 30, 2014

Flower garden and Pond tour

      Friends here at the park invited us to go with them to a flower garden and pond tour in the area. It was a bright sunny hot and humid day. But it was still a wonderful day. Some of the gardens and pond gardens with fish were wonderful to tour. Thanks to the nice people that opened their yards to the public for the day. In all there were 15 gardens to tour. We made it to only 5. We needed a second day. Florida flowers are so different from the gardens we are use to seeing in the north. The flowers are beautiful and the ponds with their flowers and fish are wonderful. Linda took soooo many pictures we had to pick a few and make collages. We are way behind on our blogging. This tour was about a month ago.

No longer do you have to sit through a 2 hour slide show of our travels, just click on our blog and look for updates. I'll try to keep them short. Thanks for following along, and keep in touch.

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