Monday, August 25, 2014

Our take on tke Florida Keys

     After spending three + weeks in the Keys, this is our take on the Florida Keys, known as the “Keys”. First Key West is a young person’s destination. The bar scene is very big with over 150 bars on about 2 miles of one road.  We are  not into the bar scene. Every bar we went into we felt like we were the parents or grandparents of the are not the bar scene. Every bar we went into we felt like we were the parents or grandparents of the folks in the bar. It was all very civilized but loud with younger folks having a great time.  We did find a few quieter places for lunch and dinner. The city itself has some interesting history.   We did tour most of the historic places in Key West when we were here in 2013. See our blog February 2013 for more information, listed under the label Florida at the right.  We just wanted to spend some unhurried time walking around seeing the “sights” again.  One interesting thing we discovered at least for Linda was scrapple sliders in one of Pat Croce’s places. Pat has six bar and grill’s in Key West and a museum in ST Augustine.   I know a lot of you may be saying who is Pat Croce and what is scrapple.  Just a short bit of an explanation, Pat was the Philly 76’s president, writer, physical therapist and the brother of Jim, the singer. Scrapple is a pig byproduct, found mostly in Pennsylvania Dutch country. A lot more information can be found on the internet about scrapple.

    The Key’s are a very big destination for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.  Cannot believe how many boats we had seen. Even in the RV parks there are many boats. Swimming beaches are a lot less available then we expected. With water on both sides we expected miles and mile of beaches. Not so. Much of the shoreline is private with no public beaches. Public beaches we found were small. Some you could walk out several hundred yards in knee deep water. Many had large amounts of seaweed on them that you had to walk through to get to the water.

The people way out are only in knee deep water.


   Most of the RV parks are expensive, and very tight.  We didn’t try any of the State Parks. They wanted $9.00 just to drive through and check them out.  The parks we stayed in were affiliated with clubs we belong to, cutting the coast considerably. For us the sites were to close and two crowed with “stuff”. An RV, boat on trailer, an easy up, etc.  Some were well kept, but just crowed.  

    All the above being said, would we return?  Well we have a lot more places we want to visit and revisit. The Keys would be down on our list. This is not to say we would never return, just that like I said there are other places further up on our list. If we were with a group doing the “bar scene” and finding places to dine, or do some fishing we might have a better time. We did meet friends from the park we own a home in for about a week and things got a little better. There are a lot of good eating places featuring seafood which we both enjoy. But many were just so so.I love fishing, but that is freshwater fishing.  This is the place you need a boat or a friend with a boat.  Summers are very hot here. I expected a good breeze all the time. Didn’t happen. If we had a light breeze it was a very hot tropical breeze. When we had a good breeze it was accompany by a storm. All this being said I know some RVer’s that love this place. Evident by all the seasonal or permanent RVs.  But remember this is “our take on the Keys”.
     More on the keys to follow. Thanks for following along.


  1. Your take on the Keys is very much like ours. Enjoyed it, but was also surprised by the lack of Beach and the so so food. Agree a boat would add a great deal to visiting the keys!


  2. Thanks for the report! We visited the Keys years ago, mostly just Key West. We enjoyed all of the history and the colorful houses but haven't been able to get up a lot of enthusiasm for making that long drive and paying the expensive camping fees a second time. You kind of confirmed our feelings. :-D