Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sunshine Key

      Down route US 1 to Ohio Key which is a Encore park called Sunshine Key. I believe Encore owns the whole key which is about 70 acres. At least this is what we were told.  It is very full and a lot tighter then we like. Although we had a good size corner lot,  the park is way to crowded.   The park is made up of about 90% Cuban's . They are mostly from the Miami area. At least this is what one person that talked to us, told us. The cooking aroma all day long is enough to wet the appetite  of even those on a  strict  diet. I talked to a few of our neighbors hoping for a invite to lunch or dinner, either one would do. But sadly failed. We arrived on a Saturday, which is usually a no-no for seasoned RVer's like ourselves. We wanted to get on the road, and it just worked out that way. 90% of the RV sites are yearly's or seasonal.   Most sites were well maintained. Many had one or two easy-ups and outdoor kitchens. Many sites had either a large boat on a trailer or a empty trailer meaning they had a slip at the marina. The RV park also has a marina. The park is just over crowed with "stuff"
      To many kids for our liking. Unattended at the pool. Kids, young kids wildly driving golf carts. The park staff does nothing about them. Dog walking is very very  limited. Load music till midnight. People talking out side till 2-3 in the morning. We were at the pool one da\, before the crowd, and one woman took off her bathing suit top to sun bathe. She was very discrete about it. But come on, this is not a nudist park.

Our site

Looking down the front and back of or site

A very nice site, but crowed

Nice pool, but small for the size of the park. Weekends its hard to see the water.

A great sunset from the Rv park
Never say never, but I doubt we would ever come back to this park.

    Part two  one of the neighbors gave us some fish and  also ceviche. She enjoyed talking to us gringo's, was her comment. Talked to us for about an hour. She kept referring to her husband as a "rafter". At first we didn't know what she meant, thinking it was some political party, but then she said her husband escaped Cuba via a raft in the 60's. That is what she meant by "rafter".
     Would we stay here again. NEVER, but I learned to never say never.

Thanks for following along, more blogs about the Keys coming soon.


  1. Could it be that you didn't like that park?? ;)

  2. Oh Wow, what a terrible experience ..... Felt bad for you two !!!! NEVER AGAIN FOR SURE !!!!