Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ST Marys GA. August 2015

 One place we wanted to visit was St. Mary’s  GA., while staying at Walkabout RV Park. We stopped at the visitor center were we met a wonderful 85 year old volunteer. More about her later.  At the center there is a small but interesting GA state Radio  Museum. 

We sign up  for golf cart tour of the historic part of the town.

         The tour was given to us by the visitors  bureau manager as she had no volunteers that day.  We also visited the Cumberland Island museum.

    Our plan was to visit Cumberland Island National Seashore, but because of the extreme heat we decided to put it off for another time on the advice of a park ranger. Of course we had to find a good restaurant, as a good road trip includes FOOD. When in a Small fishing town, seafood is on the menu

   Then it was back to the RV. The next day we visited Orange Hall.  Orange Hall House Museum circa 1830-38. 9,500 square feet on 3 floors with 12 fireplaces.


    The tour was given to us by the same 85 year old volunteer we met the day before. She was wonderful. She told us so many things about the mansion and the area history.  She said we were like family listening to her. 

     We then took a walking/ driving tour of the town.  There is also a small Submarine Museum in town that we didn't get to visit. There is also  a large submarine base in town which employs 9,000, the towns largest employer.  

The fishing fleet is in for the day.

We came across a few of the old churches in the area. 

     Then again it was time for Food.  There was a old sail boat docked that we were told was open from 5 to 9 so visitors  could go aboard. So after dinner we went down to the dock. As soon as we stepped on we had that feeling we had been here before. When we took a few steps we knew we were on her before, but where. We started walking around and met the captain and told him we were on the ship before, but not sure were. Then it came to me. It was in 2007 in Brunswick GA. Sure enough, the ship was there being refurbished. Talk about coincident


On our driving tour we came across The Tabby Sugars Works. Tabby was a type of building material made from burning oyster shells to create line, then mixing the ash with sand water and oyster shells. These remnants still standing unprotected since 1825.

We saw building supplies being taken to the island. The pontoon barge is being pushed by a pontoon boat,


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. We recently moved to Saint Marys, and I didn't know any of this info, other than the Navy base(my son is in the Navy). We will have to look into a few of these.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your travels. I've been to New Brunswick years ago and also wish to spend time in the south of Florida.