Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Amelia Island FL 2015

The next day we left the  Walkabout RV Park for Amelia Island. The trip was about a half hour from the rv park . On the advice of our golf cart tour guide in ST Mary's we sign up for a boat tour to and partly around Cumberland National  Seashore.    We check in and paid for the tour. 
This is our tour boat
The tour went out the intercoastal   waterway toward Cumberland Island, Georgia. The tour was very very informative. We learned a lot about the history of the area and island.  We saw some of the remaining structures, and learned about the lavish lifestyle that went on with  the rich and famous.  On the way out and back we did see dolphins frolicking  close to the boat. We did get to see some of the wild horse that life on the island. The trip was about two and a half hours. This is a trip we recommend .
Shrimping is a big industry in this area.
having a bad day
After the boat trip we had lunch at a restaurant  that was about 10 to 15 feet off an active railroad track. While we were eating two trains passed by. It is a little intimidating  seeing train cars pass so close and feelin the vibrations.
At the visitor bureau  we receive a great walking guide of the Fernandina Historic District. There are 43 buildings listed in 50 block area. It is very easy walking as most of it is very flat.The only problem we had was the heat.  Fernandian Beach is the north end of Amelia Island.  43 homes are listed on the National Historic Register, but there are many more old homes. 
The Palace Saloon is the oldest operating saloon in Florida
Just a sampling of some of the beautiful homes on the walking tour.

The oldest county courthouse in continuous use.

     We did make our way back to the car and then drove the area looking at other homes not listed, but beautiful. The walk in the heat and sun did tire us out, so we made our way back to the RV park. While here at the Walkabout RV Park we did want to visit the Okefenokee swamp and surrounding area. But we will have to save this for another trip. We choose the Walkabout RV park as it was central to Amelia Island, St Mary's and Okefenokee area. It is also a little longer drive  to Brunswick  and the Golden Isles. The RV Park is a Coast To Coast Park and Also accepts Passport America.  So the next day we headed for home with a two day stop in ST Augustine. We used this stop to break up the trip home. We will be not posting again until our next trip unless something unusual happens or for a short trip around home.

Till the next time, thanks for following along  and safe travels and stay well. We love to hear from you.



  1. While volunteering at Okefenokee, I never did get a chance to visit Amelia Island, what with my hip surgery and all. Thanks for the tour.