Friday, October 30, 2015

Back home in Florida, blogging and face book

    Hi all, sorry for the delay in posting. Thank you for all the kind post. We are back in Florida without any problems. At least I 95 was open for the trip home. This was a trip just to get from point A to B without any touring stops. It was cold in PA, with a low one night of 34. We are not use to that cold weather.  Linda just wanted to get home, and with pending doctor appointments we just wanted to get there.  

     We are just getting ready for a RV Rally. The RV Park is about a mile from our home so we will just be going over each day in our car. I’m sure that will make us miss that lifestyle and grease our feet to start traveling soon. The RV is sitting and ready to go. We do keep it in hurricane mood. We can hop in and be ready to hit the road in a hour if we have to. Just need to empty one refrig to the other. Gas, propane and water full, waste tanks empty.

    We are making some far off planes to do some traveling, just a few small trips not far from home to meet up with friends that winter (snow birds) in our area. We do remember being snow birds, but now call Florida home. Boy that is hard to get use to. Hopefully we will become summer birds (is that what people from the south escaping the hot weather are called).

     Another topic- Face book. Several friends asked us why we don’t use face book instead of a blog. Well, we started with a blog to let family and friends know where we were and follow along with our journey.  Then it became a little bigger than we expected. We are around 600 post with 120, 000 hits and don’t want to stop posting and let those followers down. But with limited travel we are kinda letting our blog slow down.  Also how do we transfer all those blog post to face book along with the photos. Blogging does take a lot of time, but when we were traveling full time I enjoyed writing and posting photos, as it was the journal of our life, and we do look back at it. This is important; we still do want to travel. There are things we want to see and things we want to revisit. It’s no different than folks going on vacation ever year to the same place, be a cabin in the woods or a place at the beach, except our front and back yard change with each move. There is so much in this beautiful country of ours to see, we need a couple of lifetimes to see it all, and then will probably miss something as we may have been there at the wrong time of the year or the wrong season. So you see, we have the disease called wonderlust, only cured by more travel.  It is not only the travel, but also planning of the journey, although we do wonder off our planned path quite a bit.  We don’t want to spend too much time in one place. That is why we traded our 5th wheel into something smaller, like the class c we purchased.  Big enough for the two of us and easier to get around in and pick up and go.  We also enjoy   being in the same vehicle, not like Linda following me driving our HHR. Speaking of the HHR, here is something you won’t see to often.


     A few seconds earlier it was 77 degrees making it 7 7’s, but it changed to 78 before I could find a spot to pull off the road  and take a photo, darn it!  We waited  hoping it would go back to 77 degrees, but it went to 78, then 79, what luck.

     We were just commenting on how many full time friends like us have either bought a home base or gave up traveling altogether. Must be the age bracket. We do have some tentative planes for 2016.  We miss making new friendships and finding new things to eat.

This scared the heck out of me, it happened while I was pulling around the gas pump, though I hit something.  The rear wheels are off the ground.



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