Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Emergecy trip to Pennsylvain

    Hi, just a update. Linda's brother Tom passed away on Sunday the 4th. It was a shock to us as he was doing so well and Linda just spoke to him on her birthday. We decided to take our RV to PA  as we knew we had to be there in the Lancaster area for some time and the RV was the best choice. But what a trip it was going to PA. All told we had a little over 200 miles in detours because of flooding in North Carolina. The detour was on some lousy roads. Another slight delay was caused by a tractor trailer breaking in half, and another hauling a half of a park model home with a tire that was smoking and flying apart making us back off so as not to be hit with flying pieces till he could find a place to pull off the road.
    But we made it to PA to take care of details. We had a beautiful service on Saturday the 10th with pleasant weather. Not sure on what day we will be back to our home.  The only high point of the trip was  seeing our children, and  paying a  $1.93 for gas in SC & VA... We saw some beautiful fall colors which we haven't seen in a few years, guess we do miss north more than we thought.
     We had planned to do a month trip close to home for the month of October . No planes just get away. We scheduled no doctor appointments or anything else. Funny how things work out. 


  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Jim lost his sister last week and it's never easy. Glad you were able to get back for the service and to see the family.

  2. Sorry for the travel adventures and for your loss.