Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Abita Springs, New Orleans

While in Abita Springs, we also visited the Abita Mystery house at the UCM museum. UCM- you –see –um. I didn’t get it the first time either. It has been featured on many TV shows on national networks, according to their brochure. The owner told us Mike and Frank from the   "Pickers" hit  TV show were there, and did do some picking. It is just 5 miles off I 12 in LA. With a very low $3 admission it is a great deal. No parking for RV’s  See 
The entrance
Made of computer hard drives

 The 30 foot alligator
The shard house

  We had no intention of going to New Orleans, but what the heck we may never get the chance again. It was about 40 + miles from the RV park, over the longest bridge in the US. It is 24 miles long. There is just a $3 toll going into New Orleans   no toll coming out. We did this twice each day parking at the Basin Street Visitor Center for just $5. a day. The reason for parking there was to get on the Hop On Hop Off bus. The bus was $44 each for a 3 day pass. We had been to New Orleans several times, but never did the bus. The double deck buses depart every 30 minutes.  It did take us to neighborhoods we would not have seen by just walking on our own. The live guide narrations were great. It gave us a much better in site into New Orleans. There are 18 stops along the way. We do recommend the bus. Do not miss the National WWII Museum. This can take from a half day to a whole day + to tour. There were many other things to see . The tour guide pointed out the old warehouses where NCIS New Orleans TV show is shot. See   www.citysiteseeingnew We had delicious beignets at Café Du Monde, at the French market among all the other great food.
New Orleans in sight

The Superdome

The place were many scenes from the TV show CSI New Orleans are filed

Linda's tour guide, note the poncho, slight rain,  provided by the bus tour
The world famous beignets

So many corners had street bands

Can't go to New Orleans without trying a po'boy

The iconic wrought iron rails.

The Marti Gras museum

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  1. We've been to New Orleans four times and have seen most of it...Really liked the WW2 museum too.
    Nothing like beignets.

  2. Thanks for the share, looks like a great visit.