Sunday, June 19, 2016

On the way to Ignacio Colorodo

     A little change here, we are going to start from the near present and try to fill in some of the places we have been in the past six weeks when we started this journey. We left you in Louisiana and we will start now in Colorado  June 4,2016. We are here for about two week. Here  is just a taste of the area.

Bob doesn't like Mexican food, well here he is eating some, about his third meal of Mexican food. Chicken taco's, with some type rice with raisons We use Trip Advisor for picking restaurants'  and places to visit.

The sign tells it all, along route 550 in New Mexico

Much of the route was similar to this. This is high desert.

This is the San Juan river.

This is the river many feet below the road. See how the road winds

The Navajo Dam

The river below the dam. Note we are above the power lines.

We are about to cross the dam.

Navajo lake with many house boars. Taken from above by zoom, we are way above the lake.
This is the narrow twisting road, route 172 New Mexico going into Colorado
Is that snow? Many of the high mountains still have snow on them.

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