Friday, August 26, 2016

Champagne Cajun Swamp tour,Breaux Bridge LA

Cajun swamp tour, rated number one on Trip Advisor, all it didn't disappoint. We visited this tour from Poches RV Park

A big cypress tree, very old

a cypress forest

Its not that we are unfamiliar with alligators, we live on a lake, but with small gators. The big ones are removed, now I know were they may be.

Acres of water Lilly pads and many in bloom

I would be careful of picking flower here with all the gators
This is a huge blue heron

Another huge white heron
See the reflection
A large turtle

Keeping cool or hunting

I see you!

Another tour boat

Keep out if my space

Just neat and different

Ready to strike


Black Crowned Night Heron, I believe that's his name

Sorry for all the pictures, but it was hard to choose from all the pictures we took. It was a fun and wonderful tour. Thanks for following along. We did this tour in May


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