Saturday, September 3, 2016

Opelousas Louisiana

     We also visited the town of Opelousas while staying at Poches RV Park.  Opelousas has a  great visitors center where these pictures where taken. The pictures tell the story.

At the visitors center we met a fellow. He has a brick in the sidewalk with his name on it. He played on the "Colored High School" football team pictured below. I believe he said he was in school in the late 50'sThe school still stands. Not sure which one of the pictured players he was in the picture.

 At the victors center we got a walking and driving tour brochure . There are many neat old buildings and homes in the town
There are many street corners with neatly decorated stringed instruments.

The Jim Bowie tree was quite impressive. Its right in the middle of town.

This is part of a very large mural.
A part of history  many have forgotten  about. There is some very interesting reading about the Orphan Trains on line.  Seeing this small museum made me search out more information.   


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