Saturday, September 10, 2016

Escapees Lininston TX RV PK 2016

     We arrived at the Escapees RV Park in Livingston Texas between raindrops. This area is getting hit with a lot of rain and some flooding. Unfortunately for us, it held us up for four extra days waiting till it was safe to leave. There was a lot of flooding and since we were not all that familiar  with the area we didn't want to chance leaving till the TV gave us a clear shot to continue west. We did change sites here to get up on the grass and out from the under the trees. We do not have pictures of that site.
     The main reason we stopped here was to visit our "mom" Louise. A super lady we had met while we volunteered at the CARE Center. She had done a lot for the center. She now has a in-law apartment in town at her daughters. Her son in law and daughter are great folks to put up with "mom" and her active dog coty.  Just kidding, they are blessed to be living together. We had a great dinner with them, her son in law grilled steaks and her daughter did all the rest, including a super cucumbers dish we are still craving. One day we brought mom her favorite milkshake and you should have seen the smile on her face. A one of a kind lady. She outlived two husbands and is looking for a third.
     This is the first site we were  on at this park. It was on wet dirt and with the prediction of more rain we moved to a grass site not under trees. It was also very uneven.

     Overall this is a super facility and a super club. But some parts of the park can use some upgrades. The area under the trees can use some gravel on both the sites and the roads. There are some paved roads. The sites can use some leveling. The upper grass area can also use the same. The lower section were you check in is in better condition, but it is in full sun. We had a full hookup back in site. The picnic table was in very poor condition. There is no cable TV and OTA is poor. The park is "ok" but can use some upgrading.  There are many get togethers , a great book exchange, a free movie library, line dancing and friendly folks. There is a small pool. The "smart weight" facility is great. This is the headquarters for the Escapees Club and I do expect more. One of the best things about this park is the CARE Center. Can't say enough about the super great facility. All members should visit and take the tour. Non members take the tour and you will hopefully want to join. The mail service is super. We are only rating the RV Park, the housing area separate but attached to the RV Park is super. A great place to retire.

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  1. You have a lovely blog and your header is stunning. So sorry to hear about the heavy rains and flooding. Here in Montreal, Canada, we had quite a hot and humid summer and not much rain (as compared to other summers).