Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Basilica of ST. Fideiis, Victoria KS

                                                  June 2017
     The Cathedral of the Plains, one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas is in Victoria KS. If passing thru KS. on interstate 70 it is only a short couple of miles to the cathedral.

 We came in from the south as we were traveling on US 183. I read about it and as Linda was scanning the map she saw it was only a short distance from our route. So we turned off onto route 40, a narrow road but easily doable. But be aware when turning on cathedral avenue  there is a 13 foot overpass.
The parking lot is not to big, but we were able to make a "u" turn in the lot. If there were cars in the center of the lot this could be a problem.

There are many business at the exit off I 70, you may be able to unhook an RV and drive down with you car or truck. It is worth the trouble. We lit a candle and sat and reflected. Then we had lunch in the parking lot and afterwards headed to I 70, them to route 183 north.

As we approached the church

You can find a lot more information at  June 2017

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