Saturday, January 22, 2011

Arcadia FL 1/17-1/31/11 part 1

    We moved about 25 miles to Toby's RV Resort in Arcadia. So far the weather has been great. We had a couple of days in the high 70's, low 80's. This is wonderful for January, but this is why we are here, for the great weather. We have spent winters in CA, AZ, TX and FL, and FL does seem to have the best weather. We want to explore more of the area hence our 25 mile move. This is a great park and we will do a review of it in the future.
       We went to Markka River State Park, see and  . We spent a day there but will return in a couple of days. There is a lot to do there. We did the boardwalk trail and saw a lot of wild life. Most was through a spotting scope set up by one of the volunteers at the end of the boardwalk. The wildlife was on the other side of the upper lake and to far to photograph.  We did do a tram tour and had a super guide that was very informative about the park. The tour lasted about one hour. We did see alligators, turtles, many different type birds including several Osprey.  The park is about 45 square miles and the biggest of FA State Parks. We did another hike to the dam and saw about 12 alligators sunning themselves. We then did the "Canopy Walkway and Tower. A walkway through the treetops, or above the treetops. Very very neat. You climb a small tower and walk across a suspension walkway, 25 feet above the ground,  to a taller tower. then you climb to the top, 70 feet in the air. Well about the treetops.
The suspension walkway.
A big gator.
Sunbathing gators, I wonder if they use location.
Osprey  in nest.
Looking down at the walkway.
The suspension walkway.A big gator in a small water hole.
Above the treetops.
A good looking couple.
The stairway down.
A low branchTurtle appetizer for a gator.
We came upon the Peace River Citrus processing plant. The odor of fresh squeezed orange juice wolfed across the road. We pulled in to see if we could get a tour, but guard at the gate said no tours. So we turned around in their lot and got a few photo,s. I wonder how many oranges are in one of those trailers. Note they lift up the whole trailer to dump it. I'm sure this would be a great tour. The guard told us every part of the fruit is used. She said the rind and other parts are use for livestock feed. Orange beef anyone?


  1. Hi looks like you're keeping busy and having a good time. We had a few good weather days here too, Hope it keeps getting better!

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