Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wauchula FL Part 2

     A few emails about our pictures at the top of our blog - it was taken at Salmon Glacier. It was a 20 mile white knuckle drive up the side of a mountain, but well worth it. It is a glacier you are above and looking down at. It backs up about 3 miles in two directions. It is about 15 miles (in a straight line) from Hyder AK just on the Canadian side of the border in British Columbia. Hyder AK is just across the border from Stewart BC.
      On Wednesday we drove about 60 miles to the great Tampa RV show. It is billed as the biggest RV show in the US. If you go, you better wear your walking shoes. It is big, with many RV's on display. I would say 1000's, but that would be excruciating. There are two large buildings with all types of RV supplies for sale. We had a good time walking around and seeing 1000's of rver's looking at all the new RV's and supplies. The economy looks good at the show, but don't know what the dealers will say about sales. But it sure looks like there is a lot of interest.
      We went to the town of Myakka City FL to see the training of the Lipizzan Stallions. see  It was a cold day of about 50 degrees, so there was a small group of about 100-125spectators. There were two buses and about 25-30 cars in the parking lot. We went with our friends Tom and Paula. We had seats right up aside of the fence separating us from the horses. It was a super show. Myakka City is in the middle of nowhere. It is about 30 miles from Wauchula and 20 miles from Arcadia.
               While here Blazer found a twin. See picture's can you pick out Blazer. The other dog is Banjo, he is from Canada. They played together at the rv park and at the county park about 1/2 mile from here.  Two other dogs, both Australian Healers also came to visit Blazer, not us. He became popular with the other two owners. They wanted to know how we trained him to bring the ball back and put at your feet, or on your shoe. Well we gave demonstrations and told them he is just a "natural" at retrieving. We are felling hurt, more people came to visit Blazer then us. So we had to polish him up and he got a bath today. He's still walking like a hero. He is, that is, he is our hero.
Saturday night we went to bed and heard a lot of noise and saw a lot of bright lights. We looked out the window to see five fire trucks on the next road in the rv park. We went out to see a brand new motor home on fire. The fire started in the refrigerator. Almost every one of the many people standing around said they had  a recall on their refrigerator, including us. This is a very serious problem. Lucky no one was hurt. The owner was up and got help right away. The motor home across from us and behind the burning one pulled forward up against our truck. This is what we first heard. He unhook his electric and hose and pulled forward with his awning and slides still our. Very scary. A couple of people got their hose and may have helped slow the fire down till the fire department got there.  
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