Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wauchula/ZolfoSprings FL 1-2011

      We left Winter Haven with both of us still not up to par. These colds are hanging on. It was a easy ride and a distance around 50 miles. We arrived at the Thousand trails park by 11:00 in  the morning. We pull over to check out a site, and here come our friends Tom and Paula. I believe they are following us. Although they got here a day before us. We met them in Clermont FL about 2 months ago, in PA this summer and volunteered with them at the CARE center in TX.  But now that I Think about it they were in Clemont FL and Livingston TX  and here before us, so who is following who. So far we had a couple of dinners together and Toured Salomon's Castle in Ona FL. http://www.solomonscastle.com/ . What a interesting place. We met the artist Howard Solomon. He is a artist, sculptor,metal worker, woodworker, comedian, etc, etc.
He sells pet blocks, smarter them pet rocks(for you that remember pet rocks), because they can float. Some of his pet blocks are "chip off the block, members of the board, Eileen for a block leaning, one with two blues eyes, guess who the is, "old blue Eyes himself, one painted black with one eye, old blue eyes buddy, H and R block, the fish-wholey mackeral,  etc etc, I just wish I could name them all, what a sense of humor.  Note the blocks behind him in the photo.  The tour of his one of a kind art work was great. Everything is made from recycled material. He has been recycling for 39  years. The outside of the castle is covered in old newspaper printing plates.
There are about 80 stained glass windows he has created. All with a story. Every art piece has a story, most a very funny tale about it. The Castle is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by 1000's of acres of citrus groves.  It is about 22 miles from Zolfo Springs, population a small handful.  A self portrait made out of wood. A famous Normen Rockwell painting, recreated in wood.
There is a restaurant called the "Boat in the Moat" rum by his daughter and her husband.

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