Sunday, March 6, 2011

New look of our RV Park reviews-our take on RV Parks

    Hope you like the new look of our park reviews.  Rather then having it just run in long paragraphs,  we are trying to categorize it. We will not rate it by some numbering system. We will try to tell it like we see it and try to include some pictures. If you need more information, just email us and we will try to answer your questions. As full timers we look at the cost of RV Parks a little different them weekenders/part timers. One of the cost we can control in were we stay.  When paying 365 days a year for a site, discounts are very important to us. No one like paying the full rack rate(as they call it in the hotel business).  Any discount is better then none.  We look for the best value for our dollar.  We will not sacrifice safety or stay in a very poor quality park just for a better price.  Things like playground equipment is not important to us, and the fact it's not there is a plus for us.  Also showers and restrooms are not important to us, as we use our own.  We will report on them if we check them out.  Laundries are important to us, as we use them.  Dog friendly is important to us. Also big rig friendly-very important.  We try to do a search on the parks we go to, but can't always find out to much. We rely on other rver's info, on their blogs, and in sites like   We do look at the parks website if they have one for information. However when did you see a RV park show a picture of something and say this is our worst site etc.  Many websites do not show the sites, only the pool, game room etc..Show us whats important.  This is why we are adding reviews to our blog- to maybe help some one else. We will try to include photos for each park. It is also a reminder to us, as our blog is our journal.  The most important thing, is this is our opinion, yours may vary or other things may be more important to you.   Things like price, specials, ownerships, club affiliation, etc change.  We are not trying to replace any directories. So if you find somthing different or a better park in the area let us know.  If we return to a park we will update it. Please bear with us as we try to critique our RV park review.

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