Saturday, March 12, 2011

South Bay FL 3/3-3/10/11

     Welcome new followers Diane and Andy, they are fellow Escapees.  We had met them in Alaska in 2009. Safe travel and hope to meet you on the road soon.
     We had planed to go to the Everglades and stay in the Park.  BUT,  we were having trouble with our water pump in the RV.  I added a little extra water to our fresh water holding tank and tried the pump. Couldn't get it to work at all.  We do have an appointment to get it fixed, later this month.   It was working but kept loosing it prime. It would have been ok, but now it won't work at all. So we detoured a little and are staying at a super county park in South Bay. So we will have to do the Everglades another time.
    We are having a ball with our wii. Linda beats me in bowling almost ever game.  Once she had seven strikes in a row, in two different games, but that is impressive. We tried a lot of the other games,but keep coming back to the bowling.
      We were not to far from Palm Beach  so went over for a visit.  Very busy, not our cup of tea.  The next day we went to Fort Lauderdale. Also very busy . Friends Ed and Vivian, Lonnie and Betty who are staying in Moore Haven about 30 miles away stopped over for a visit. Other then that, we just hung out at the RV Park.  Did a little fishing at the park, but didn't do any good.  It was good to just relax for a few days. See the pictures in our reveiw of this park.
       On the 11th we left South Bay and camet to the Orlando Thousand Trails Park.  We did decide to save the Everglades for another time. We will be here till the 20th. Then we are going to Lazy  Days for some work on the RV. After that we will head north . We have to be in Pigeon forge TN on the 28th.
       The reason for going to Pigeon Forge is to start work at Dollywood.  We had applied in 2008 for  Oct and Nov. But at that time they said they didn't need us and would keep are application on file.  Well guess what, they did keep our applications on file. They called and email us  about coming to work this spring. So we said yes.  We will spend spring in the Rocky mountains.  Had a few friends work there and they said it was a fun time. Friends Paul and Sandy who volunteer with us at Anastasia State Park in Fl are also going to work there also. They are staying in the same RV Park.  That will be fun to be with them again. We are looking forward to the experience.

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