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We are back-March 2012 cont into April

       We really got behind on our blog. We have been busy, and where does the time go? Well we will try to get caught up. While in the Orlando/Davenport area we met up with our son Mark's neighbors Chris and Tilly. Of course we went out to dinner. We also met our friends Jim and Linda several times They are working at Disney, and again took us into Epcot. The Flower and Garden show is taking place. I said last year how do they keep out doing the previous year. Wow! It was great to see all the displays and neat topiary. While at Disney we took our annal Disney cruise. It's port's of call are "The Boardwalk", The Yacht and Beach Clubs, The Swan and Dolphin Resorts, and finally Hollywood Studio's. Then several hours later the same trip in reverse.    We spent time at both Thousand Trails Orlando and Fawn Ridge (look for the review soon) resorts playing Domino's with friends Pat and Dave, Lance and Angelia and Jerry and Dianne. We are now ready for tournament play.  ha ha
    We spent an extra week in the Orlando area then we intented. So we had to travel longer distance then we usually do. We had wanted to meet up with friends Barry and Donna from GA. We had met up with them last year in GA and intented to spent four days with them when we had to make a unexpected trip back to PA. We had to leave the next morning after meeting them and then made a hasty trip back to PA. 
     On the way to meet them this year, we had an overnight stop in Athens GA at the Chehaw City Park. A very nice park. Will review the campground in the near future.
     We met them at R. Schafer Herd Corp of Engineer Park at West Point Lake in West Point GA. What a super park, will review in the near future.  BUT the best part of the trip was meeting up with friends. We are blessed with having so many friends in different places. We had a super time catching up and singing "Red Solo Cup, lets have a party", a Country Music hit for all you none Country music fans.  The park was one of the nicest COE park we stayed at. Wait till you see the pictures. All that for $12. a night with our Golden Age Passport.
       While at the COE's park we went to Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain GA. It was a nice drive of about 35 miles. What a wonderful day. The weather was perfect, about 75 and no humidity.  The Azalea's were in full bloom. . It was spectacular. The flowers were great, but there was also a super "Birds of Prey" show. The show lasted about a half hour, featuring owls, hawks and vultures. Very interesting show. There was also a Butterfly house with many unusual butterflies. Many hiking and biking trails. We must have walked at least 5-6 miles. Barry and I followed Donna and Linda setting a double time pace. There are many different seminars. Visit  . This is where the "Victory Garden", a PBS special (Southern gardens) was filmed.  There is also a beautiful chapel.  A super place for a wedding. While we were there a pipe organ concert was talking place. All in all it was a fun filled day with good friends and a lot of exercise.
     The next day we went to Warm Springs GA, The home of Roosevelt's Little White House(FDR). It was about 45 miles from the campground, just passed Callaway Gardens. If we had planned it right and spent less time  in the gardens we could have done both in a long day. But we had the time and didn't want to rush. The little White House was a cozy little three bedroom cottage. Very simple and plain. Not at all what you would expect for a President of the United States.  He came here for the healing powers of the "warm springs". They were not "hot" springs, but warm at 88 degrees. We also visited the Pools and museum at the springs a few miles from the Little White House. The museum at the White House was filled with many items of FDR and many interesting facts. I wish our present day leaders could look at all he accomplished in his first 100 days to start to help bring the country out of the Great Depression. Things like The GI bill, Social Security, CCC, WPA,NRA, electricfication of Rural America, and more. See . He started "Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation", hoping to relieve the pain and suffering from polio. Donna's aunt came there, as she was a polio victim.
      We also toured the Dam at West Point lake on two different days. See the difference in the water flow when the gates are open and then closed. We did drive across the top of the dam.The tour of the powerhouse was thru a window with no audio, just a few posters with some information.  We also toured the National fish hatchery in Warn Springs. Allow about 15 minutes for this poor display. Little information, very damp smelly aquarium room. Also drained ponds. Appears to be on the very very low budget by the US Fish and Wildlife service.
    After saying good bye to our friends we headed to Chattanooga TN for and overnight. We stopped at the Camping World RV Park at exit 1 on I10 in TN, will review in the near future. After a day  of travel we set up, and what else, but went out to dinner. The next morning we got an early start and headed to Pigeon Forge. We arrive before noon at our home for the next two months, Bear Cove RV Resort, will review in the near future.  We are here to work at Dollywood. The park we are staying at is about a mile form Dollywood. So it will be a short commute to work. We start training this week. Keep tuned for updates. Enjoy the pictures. It was very hard  choosing some pictures from the 1033 pictures Linda took.

 At Disney, our friends Jim and Linda with Bob. Let the show begin.

Callaway Gardens

 I believe this is a Red Shoulder Hawk
 My mother thinks I'm cute. A Vulture
 An great horned owl
 The azalea trail

 Donna, Linda and Barry

 The front porch for the Victory Garden show, just a facade.

 The Chapel

 The Little White House
 FDR's bedroom, were he was carried after he suffered a stroke and passed away.
 Picture of FDR in his swimsuit at the warm springs pool, and his sswimsuit.
 His living room.  He worked many hours on this card table. Note the stool under the table. Many things in the house show his love of the sea.
 The dinning room/living room.
 The guest house and servants quarters.
 The unfinished painting. He was sitting in the living room having his portrait painted when he suffered a stroke.

 The pools at Warm Springs. Only filled on holidays and special occasions.
 Bob testing the waters
The outflow at the West Point Dam

 Looking across the lake from the top of the dam at the RV campground
 Spotted from the top of the dam, I believe they are osprey.
 Inside the powerhouse
 Note the difference between these next photo's and the ones above. Very little water being released. There is a loud siren that sounds when they are going to release water.

 Ducks on the forward rocks and turtles on the back rocks

 Donna, Barry and Bob, relaxing after a hard day of playing tourist. Check out the size of that fire.  Our RV in the background.

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