Monday, April 23, 2012

Pigeon Forge TN cont.

    On Saturday we had a major grid lock in town. Fortunately the RV Park we are staying in was out of the grid lock. The grid lock was going in the opposite direction. We left work at Dollywood and had maybe a 5 minute drive. Other RVers staying several miles further had  a commute of several hours. The cause of the grid lock was a Rod Run. There were over a thousand classic cars register as of Friday according to a TV news report.
  Here we go again, talking about our perks working for Dollywood. Well, that is why we are working at Dollywood. This blog is also our journal of our travels for us to look back on in the future. We want to say "we did that", not "I wish we would of.....". Life is to short, and we are running out of time, not that we plan on quiting anytime in the near future. Again we applaud all the country shows for paying tribute to all men and women in the armed forces. Every show so far here in Pigeon Forge did honor our troops, both passed and present. Now on with the show!
    On Sunday we went to the Comedy Barn compliments of Dollywood. A very funny show of about an hour and a half.  We especially enjoyed the dog acts. All the dogs used in the show were rescues. The cost of the show was $29.98 a person. Our cost was $0.00. We are really liking the perks of working for Dolly.  See more here

     On Monday evening we went to see the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. This was another super super show. We had a great meal of fried pigeon(chicken) and pulled squirrel(pork) with all the fixin's. The food was exceptionally good with large portions. The cost of the show was $51.83 with tax per person. We had to pay for the dinner which was $30.00. So we had a savings of over $70.00. The perks keep adding up.  See more here

      On Tuesday we took a drive to Chestnut Hill TN ,about 20 miles from here. It is the home of Bush Beans. We like doing factory tours. The tour here is a video tour in the Bush Visitor center. There is a small museum and old fashion general store. The video tour was very interesting history of the Bush company. We had our picture taken with Duke. See the pictures. Bush employees about 370 people. I'm amazed at all the different types of beans they make. They do sponsor a Nascar race car. We did have lunch at their cafe. Bob had to try the Pinto Bean Pecan Pie. Has to be good for you,, it has beans and nuts in it! They also have your usual cafe food plus a Southern favorite, Fried Bologna sandwiches. You can see more  at

      We continued our road trip to the town of Dandridge TN. We took part of the walking tour around town and got a lot of information about the town and county from a local historian at the visitors bureau. There is a small Revolutionary War Graveyard in town. The town dates back to the early 1700's. The town was named after America's First Lady, Martha Dandridge Washington, wife of George. We also toured around Douglas Lake, part of the TVA project. See more at  and

      On the way back to the RV we stopped by the Deer Farm and Exotic Petting Zoo. Another Dollywood perk.  This was only $10.99 each, but still it was $22. that cost us nothing. We did get to see two baby goats that were born that morning. We were greeted by a peacock that walked up to us and spread his plumbs for us. He must have been trained to greet guest. There were, goats, camels, several type deer, zebra's, etc. All the animals see you with a food cup and come running to the fence. It was ok, but nothing to special. We did meet a couple from our home town while there.   You can see more here  They also offer horse back trail rides with a discount for Dollwood employees, or "Host" as we are called. At Disney we were "Cast Members".

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