Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lexington NC 7-2012

      We had a great visit to Lexington NC in Sept of 2010. See that post for more information. This time we wanted to visit a few more places. One of them was Mrs Hanes Cookies. We had met Mrs Hanes on our visit in 2010 and had a great converstions with her and her husband. They invited us to stop at their farm anytime we are in the area. We did want to visit their cookie factory as they make Moravian cookies. The Moravian's founded our hometown of Bethlehem, and Linda was a Moravain. They then founded Salem NC, now Winston-Salem. See another post about our visit to old Salem.
    Well anyway, we did get to the factory on this visit. They make all their cookies by HAND. They were feathure on the Today show, Oprah, Roker on the Road, and many more magazines. . See  They make about 100,000 pounds of cookies each year, thats about 10 million cookies.
     When was the last time you saw this type of customer service.

Here are a few pictures of the bakery. Remember they are made by hand. Rolled and cut by hand.

Ovens in the back of photo.

Tins of cookies waiting shipment.

Of course we bought some, you didn't need to ask.

      We walked around the town and came across this great mural.

Can you find Bob?

There he is again.

 We came across this Bell tower.

We found this neat store that reminded us of a store in our home town called Bergstressers. This store was in the town of Salisbury NC. This store is called Okey Dokey. Let the pictures talk for themselves.

What the heck is Scuppernong?

Linda had one just like this when she was a little girl, but hers was green.

On a country road to Mrs  Hanes cookies.

Like old homes, Chevy's keep running

"What are you looking at"? Didn't you ever see goats sun bathing. They must be city folks.

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