Saturday, July 14, 2012

On the road again, here we come North Carolina

   After three months in Pigeon Forge TN we hit the road with gusto. We spent our last week doing a few more shows and saying good bye to new friends and co-workers. We also had dinner with new friends Randy and Bobbie, that are friends of friends we worked with at Walt Disney World. Like I said in the passed, the circle of friendship is like throwing a stone in a pond and seeing the circle of waves getting bigger and bigger. The circle of friendship keeps growing. We our blessed to have met so many great people, and become friends if only for a week. Meeting great people is one of the exciting things about our life style on the road. But saying good bye to new and old friends is a little sad. Another but, we always say we'll see down the road. And this does happen.
      Now on with the show. We saw our last two shows this week, on two different nights. We saw the "Back to the 50's" at the Smith family theater, and the "Smith Family Show" there also. Again they were great shows. And we did get to see 4 or 5 Elvis's. Both shows had a Elvis, amazing.
 We also saw a few more shows at Dollywood. One of note was the gazzillon bubbles show. This show is not only for kids.In the show they fill the largest theater at Dollywood with a "gazzillion" bubbles and do a laser show. The bubbles sparkle with the laser lights, really neat. We turned in all our costumes and did say our finial good byes to friends and co workers.
    On  Monday we left the RV park early (7:30 AM, very early for us), as we wanted to beat the approaching rain. . We had a 250 mile trip to Advance NC and the Thousand Trails Forest Lake Resort. It was an easy trip with two short rest stops along the way. We arrived about 12 noon and beat the rain. It did rain very hard latter that afternoon. We will be here till Sunday the 15th. We had stayed at this park before, but only for 4 days. We wanted to explore more of the area. Stayed tuned for updates.

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