Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Old Salem Winston-Salem NC

While in Advance NC we drove to Winston-Salem NC to visit Old Salem. Old Salem was settled by the Moravian's from Bethlehem PA, our home town. It is a super restored village. There are many buildings you can tour. There are also a number of crafts men and women demonstrating their trades. While visiting the gun shop one of the craftsmen ask where we were from. When we told him we were from Bethlehem he told us he married a girl from Hellertown.Turns out we did work for his father in law and brother in law. Talk about a small world. We had a nice conversation about Salem and Bethlehem.  See more about Old Salem here    Also you can see many more photo's from Old Salem at our webshot photo page, click on this link

God's Acre, the men are buried on one side and the women on another side. No family plots.

The Home Moravian Church

The single brothers house. The brick addition was added shortly after the original was built.

 See  more photo's here

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