Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back in PA

      Hi, we are back in PA staying at Timothy Lake South in the Pocono Mountains. We arrived here on Wednesday about 4:30 in the afternoon. It has been a long hard trip without much rest in between. We both decided we could not be long haul truck drivers. We love travel, but not like the passed week. We traveled 2,911 miles in the passed 8 days, that's about 360 miles a day. I know, I know that doesn't sound like a lot. Its a lot when towing a 38 foot trailer along I 90 and its "bike week" at Sturgis or its raining so hard its hard to see, its a lot. We are used to 1-150 miles  a day, then staying a couple of days. But we made it without any problems and the Chevy preformed outstanding, pulling them there mountains in Montana, and the plains of South Dakota. This is the third time we made a trip like this for medical reason's. This is the first time for us, and the longest. In 2008 we made a trip like this from South Dakota when my mother fell and was hospitalized.  That trip was a lot easier in that we didn't have the car and Linda and I took turns towing the RV. We travel longer each day, and made it back to PA in 3 days.  The second time was from Georgia when Linda's brother and sister in law were both hospitalized. That was the shortest, only about a 1,000 miles.  But the good thing is we are mobile and can do these trips if necessary.
       Again thanks for all the prayers sent my way. BUT, someone shirked their duty as I was ONE prayer away from sainthood. Now the process must start over, we just can't add one more prayer, it doesn't work like that. I go to the bottom of the list. Oh well! I wasn't ready to be called saint Robert just yet. But again thanks for all the emails and calls.

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