Monday, August 26, 2013

Newport Washington back to Pennsylvania

    We had planned on being in Newport WA for about a week. But because of the medical problem Bob is having we were here for almost 3 weeks. This certainly slowed our plans a bit. We don't have a true schedule just an idea of where we want to go and about when we would like to be there. We did want to be here in Newport about a month ago. Oh well we will adjust. That is what is nice about not having a firm schedule.
      This trip started in Florida and so far we put  3953   miles on the truck mostly towing. We put 8001 miles on the car.  Following the truck and RV  and 4048 miles touring.  We average 10.2 mpg with truck and 35.2 mpg with the car. These mileages are since leaving FL, that is highway and city driving and many miles on two lane roads. We also found out there is Western music. It is quit different then the country and western music we are use to. Much of the music was from the 40's and 50's. A lot of it we never heard, but this is what is great traveling this wonderful country of ours, the many different things we experience.
     We also added 4 new states to our map. We do not add a state unless we spend at least one night in that state with our RV. The new states we added are Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Idaho. That makes 46 states we have stayed in at least one night. The only states we have not stayed in are Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware and Hawaii. We have been through 3 of these states, but never stayed a nigh. Hawaii may be a problem. Funny all but Hawaii is a short distant from our home area.
       After several visits with doctors and spending a lot of time agonizing over our plans we decided to head back to PA. This was also suggested by the  neurological surgeon. So we left WA on 2,911 mile cross country trip back to PA. The mileage in the truck stayed at 10.2 mpg and the car it went up to 39.8, that is since leaving FL. We did over 4,000 miles touring with the car, but the last 2,900 miles were mostly highway driving. Hopefully sometime in October we will be able to hit the road.
   Thanks for following along.



  1. Sure hope you are feeling better, Bob....... Does the medication help tame the pain for you.... ??? Nerve pain is sooooooo difficult to deal with ..... About twelve years ago I delt with a compartment syndrome of the right leg; the pressure was unable to be released in time by the doctors and thus the result was nerve damage .....the pain was over the top..... So I have some idea what you are going through.... Hope you feel better very soon ....try to rest and relax when you can .....All the Best, SallyB

  2. ?????, will be here in PA the first part of Oct, for more doctor follow ups