Friday, August 9, 2013

Thank you

Hi, and a special thank you to one and all for you emails and calls and comment on our blog. RV folks are the best. We had calls from six RV friends that offered to come to Washington to drive us and our RV back to PA. Plus an offer of airline tickets from a friend. Also one of our sons wanted to fly out and drive back to PA. Also emails from others to help however they can when we get back to PA. Plus enough prayers to make me a saint. Thank you again.We left Washington on Wednesday and are now in Wall South Dakota, the evening of the 9th. We have over a 1000 miles behind us and about 1700 more to go.
   Bob is having sever pain in his gum, thought it was a tooth, but it is nerve damage. Couldn't get into a neurologist for 2-3 months in WA.. So we called our doctor back home and have a appointment on the 22nd.  Hopefully drugs will work, which Bob is now on, and possibly others. We will know more in a  couple of weeks and will keep you posted.
  Again THANK YOU all.
    Bob and Linda

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