Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013- the year in reveiw

    We started the year in the Orlando area of Florida. We spent the first three months and two weeks in April just hanging out and spending time with friends. We did a lot of sitting around solving all the world problems and playing games. We attended the Florida State Fair, the Strawberry Festival. Our biggest adventure was a boat trip to Key West.

 We attended the Great Tampa RV Show and two Rallies with the Carriage Club. The second week of April was the Carriage Club Florida National Rally. Can you find us?

We got to ride a steam train. That's Linda and our friend Sharon

After the rally we headed to Indiana. On the way north we had a fender bender. Photo doesn't show all the damage.

We stopped in KY to visit Mammoth Cave National Park.

      Next was a stop in Memphis TN for a few days. When we got to Middlebury we had some work and upgrades done on our RV. We did spend a lot more time there then we intended. A build in buffet and residential refrigerator was added  to our RV.

We spent our 48th anniversary in Michigan.
Bloggers we met in Michigan. Us Bob and Linda on the left and Jo and Bob on the right.

       Next we spent about 30 days  in MI. We really enjoyed all of MI, but especially the Upper Peninsula. We hope to get back to the UP and spend more time there. Next we move through WI. We do want to get back to  Superior WI again and explore that area. From there it was on to MN.
     In Minnesota we met a fellow blogger . That is Bob with Judy.

   Then it was onto North Dakota D. Had a great time at Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the area.  Again an area we want to return to. On to Glacier National Park. Another area we want to return to. A stop in ID and an area we need to explore. Next came WA. While in WA a medical problem for Bob sent us back to PA. We had intended to tour the West coast of the US until the Fall of 2014, then return to PA by late October of 2014.
      We added a few new states to our map this year. We don't count a state unless we spend one night in that state with our RV. The states we added this year are Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Idaho .
    Once we got to PA our first visit was with our kids and their wife's. Then the doctor appointments and tests  started. Bob had his first MRI. It was determined Bob had Trigeminal Neuralgia. While treating that problem a couple more medical emergencies  developed for Bob. One sending him to the hospital via an ambulance.
   Linda also had a ulcer develop in her esophagus which needed to be treated. So.....we got to spend a lot more time in PA then we intended.  But on the bright side we got to spend a lot more time with our family. This was the first year in the pasted 8 years we got to spent Thanksgiving with our kids. It was a great time. So we got many positives out  of a few negatives.
    This year we got to meet three fellow bloggers. We also visited several new to us National Parks. Our blog now has 50 followers, and many more that don't sign up to be followers.  We have over 68,000 views of our blog.
    On December 2nd we got to leave cold Pennsylvania. We arrived in warn Florida on December 5th. We got to visit Walt Disney World several times this year. We never get tired of WDW.
 We also reconnected with many friends in Florida. We finished out the year in Florida. These are just the highlights listed here. You can see many more adventures we had in 2013 by clicking on the labels on the right side of our blog.
     This year we had a few bumps in the road but we have been lucky for the last 8 years. If we had to stop today we had a great ride. We have many memories to look back on, and this blog helps us do that. September started our 9th year on this adventure. We are making planes  to go to Louisiana and not sure after that, but we have to be back in Pennsylvania by April, so I don't think we  will get to far west. A few bumps in the road slowed us down a little this year but we are still planning to continue on this adventure. There are still places to discover, and we are ready to discover them.  At least all bumps  happened at once.  I'm sure we missed some things, but we tried to hit the highlights.

Thank you to all that are following along on our journey, and check back often.


  1. Life does has a way of changing our plans at time. This was a great wrap up of your travels and issues of the year. Now hopefully 2014 will have less bumps.

  2. Interesting year you had. Those medical issues can certainly change plans. Hope 2014 is better!

  3. What a year, was great meeting you guys.

  4. Bob and Linda,

    Just a quick message,

    I thought I would let you know that I have featured your “2013 – year in review” article on our blog today. We do a weekly RV lifestyle roundup 5 great articles within the camping and RV lifestyle. Your video was inspiring and interesting!

    I won’t take any more of your time, but I was just wondering if you would share the link to your followers if at all possible?

    Thanks Bob and Linda!


    Brandon Esparza
    Business Development Specialist
    Florida Outdoors RV