Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Changes in the wind - new home base

      With the stroke of a pen we became homeowners.  We have purchased a home in Cocoa Florida. It is in a mobile home park. It is a double wide In a 55 or older community, with its own private lake. Our home is on the lake with our own dock.  We will make settlement in the next three weeks.  We do not consider the deal complete until finial settlement.  But our offer has been accepted and all papers have been signed by both parties. Just waiting for final title search. With the many medical problems we had in the past year we decided (well Linda did) it was time to find a home base.  We were actually looking for a home base last year, but  with little inspiration.

    And now, for the many question.  We do not have answers for all of them.  We still plan on rving.  We love our present RV. We can and have been living in it for the past three years.  We have lived in RV’s for the past nine years.  So RVing is part of our lives. We have rv’d over 40 years.   

    We may trade our present RV for a smaller one now that we have a home base and do not need to take all our worldly possessions with us while traveling. This change in lifestyle happened at a good time as we will be attending the largest Rv show in the country, in about two weeks. It will give us chance to look at the many Rv’s that are available and perhaps inspire use to trade down.

     Buying a house and talking about life style changes and trading our present RV is mind boggling. Our family and friends have questions and in time we will have answers, but not today. Right now we are trying to decide what color we want to paint the living room.  The house has two bedrooms, two baths, living room, kitchen, entry, Florida room, shed and car port.
From the front, see lake in background
Our dock

Looking through the screens in the sunroom

The master bedroom

The living room
The entry

The sunroom or Florida room




  1. Wow! That was a surprise. Congratulations!

  2. It's very lovely....nice dock! We figure that's where we'll end up one day...anxious to hear how you like it! You will have the best of two worlds...nice winter 2nd home and still able to travel.

  3. Congratulations! Great view from your sunroom. Deciding on a home base is a tough decision but it looks like a good choice!

  4. Congrats on the next phase of your life. Have to say we were a little shocked at first but then we understood.