Monday, January 13, 2014

A few answers to some of the questions you have asked

A few  answer  to some of the questions we received. 
Yes it is a gated community. 

Will we rent?  Maybe, but probably not.  We will see. 

Can you fish the lake?  Yes , boats with electric motors only. 
Can you swim in the lake?  No, there are gators.

Can we park our RV by our home? No, but there is a secure parking area.  Only problem it involves backing the RV about 100 + yards to our spot.
Location? About 200 yards off route 520, and about ¼ mile off I95, exit #

When is settlement? January 24 or sooner.

Is there RV parking if we come to visit? No, but there are 2 RV parks in about a mile.
Yes we will continue to RV.
Is our RV for sale? Not yet, we would probably trade  the truck and Rv at the same time, but not making that decision at present.
A photo to make you laugh, did you ever see lemons this big, now behave yourself,  these are lemons from a friend. 

Having a lot of upload problems. Trying to remove some of the inappropriate ads on or blog. Can't speak to anyone at Google, can't even find a way to let them know our wishes to have some ads removed.    I am also way behind on reading blogs we follow. Hopefully will catch up soon. Welcome new followers.


  1. Once you have had an RV that nice it might be tough to go with something smaller.