Sunday, July 27, 2014

Key Deer

We went in  search of the Endangered Key Deer on Pine Key.  We found them on both Big Pine Key and No Name Key.  The Key Deer is a smaller sub species of the white tail deer.  Since being put on the endangered list their totals have increase. In the 50’s there were an estimated  25 deer. Now there is a estimate of between 6 and 700.  See 

Hey, were you going

I'm out of here

Mom and baby

Nice rack

This guy was not afraid of cars or people. Rack still in velvet

This is why they are not afraid. Signs all over saying "do feed the deer". I pulled up aside of them and told them it was a $1000. fine for feeding the deer and you should have seen them take off. Deer are wild, keep them wild.

The end to a perfect day. We got to see many key deer, including many fawns.


  1. The deer are cute but I've seen so many to me they're kind of ho hum, but I love the iguana!

  2. They are so little and cute. My sister is not happy with the deer wandering through our neighborhood because they eat her plants. I keep telling her not to feed them but she doesn't listen to me. Love your lizard.