Thursday, July 31, 2014

Visit to historic Pigeon Key

On Marathon Key we took a boat trip to Historic Pigeon Key. The trip was a short 15 minute boat ride. 
Our boat, going under the new and old bridge.

We didn’t have a reservation and didn’t need one. There was only another couple the tour guide and crew. 
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The other couple were from Texas. They were from the Hill country, our favorite part of Texas. Turns out they were married at a small chapel about one mile from our favorite RV Park, at least in Texas. Talk about a small world.

Back to Pigeon Key. The Key is historic in that it was a place that housed up  to 4,000 workers building the overseas highway and seven mile bride.  You can see more here  
Some of the original buildings. The long building was a dormitory for the workers 

Of special interest to Bob were the old cachet stamp covers .

 This coconut fell while we were wanting for the boat for our return trip

This is a very interesting bit of history.

Thanks for following along.



  1. We are getting a lot of ideas for our Keys trip.

  2. Looks lovely. What RV park are you staying at? Did I miss that post? Thanks.

    1. We will do a update on the parks we stayed at shortly. They were Sunshine Key and Jolly Rodger