Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Maiden voyage and ON THE ROAD AGAIN

     Our first road trip was a short 68 miles one way. We traveled to the Orlando/Clermont Thousand Trails. It was a short six day trip to check out all the systems on the RV. No problems we didn't know about. The park was about 1/10 full.  The last time we were here the 800+ sites were all taken. What a difference when the snow birds head north. I hope all the Florida residences realize the impact the snowbirds make on their economy. 

    We finally got on the road after many delays. This is one of them, a new dock.

      We thought  about going to Maine, but we want to be back in Florida in August. To short a time period to go that far. So our original plan was put back into play. We headed to the Florida Keys. Even though its 3-400 miles farther south, depending where we are staying, we are hoping for a breeze from either the Gulf or the Atlantic. We wanted to get off  I 95and travel some of the back roads south. We headed to the Lake Okeechobee  area to get to route 27 south, to 997 south then to route US 1 south. On the way we traveled through some of Florida's farm land.

Sugar cane fields.

Domino sugar processing plant.
Not your average garden tractor
Why is that guy following so close? Actually its our car in the rear view camera  
Your from where?

Our first stop was a Indian Casino for a overnight.

Even though there is no fee to stay in their lot, the $42.+ seafood buffet, plus some gambling makes up for the "no fee" stay.


  1. It's so good to feel those wheels moving down the road again. I would think the keys would be wonderful as long as there are no hurricanes blowing about.

    1. Thanks, the Keys are warn, hot, but usually a lite breeze.

  2. Have fun... Great to see you back on the road. :-)

    1. Thanks, we are glad to be on the road, even if its only about 5 weeks this first trip

  3. Great to have you guys back on the road.