Monday, February 18, 2013

Florida State Fair

  This passed week we  attended the Florida State Fair in Tampa along with friends ED and Sharon . Wow, no charge for parking, and $8. a person entry fee. It was senior day.  After checking out the schedule of events we decided to got o the "Country Gold Tour". The show featured Leroy Van Dyke, Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius, T. Graham Brown and Steve and Rudy Gatlin. Tickets to the show were $10 a person. The show lasted for almost two and a half hours and was  a really good show with nothing but country classics.

       There was a break in the show were a guitar that was signed by all the performers was auctioned off. The winning bid was around $4500, don't remember the exact price. This was the 17 th year of doing this auction. All the money raised is given to the 4 H Club. The lady that had the highest bid had the highest bid for the passed 5-6 years.

      After the show we walked around a little to check out the different food stands. With so many choices we did manage to find something to eat. After filling up we checked out the "Cracker Village". There is a large area in the fair grounds with many historic building. Many of the buildings were brought in from different areas of Florida, to form a small village. There were many craft demonstrations. There were, black smiths, lye soap making, old printing press, basket weaving, chair making and canning, plus others.  There is a short history of all the buildings. Well restored and nicely arranged under large live oak trees. See

      We also checked out the antique steam engine display. Both these exhibits, the Cracker Village and the steam engine exhibit are permanent at the fairgrounds. Bob and Ed giving a course on how it works.

     We had to check out the pure bred dog tent. All four of us are dog lovers so we spent a fair amount of time checking out the dogs. To us there is a special bond to man's best friend. There is something therapeutic to us in the present of these four legged creatures. Ed and Sharon were ready to purchase a couple of chihuahua, but they weren't for sale. The Samoyed just sat and posed with anyone, even Bob. The bull dogs were cute, and one of our favorites an Australian Shepard, a close relative to a Border collie.

 There was a Greyhound rescue with these two very very gentle dogs.

    We had to check out the livestock. The 4H club,  and FFA (Future Farmers Of America)  had a very big prescnes. From many youthful beginnings today,to where there are many collegiate 4H clubs building the future of agriculture. We saw many, many chickens, rabbits, steer, cows, goats, etc. We saw baby chicks hatching out of their shells., baby pigs just days old and calfs just born. Check out the tiny pink piglet keeping warm between his two big brothers. Lower right is the chicks hatching.

 A Texas longhorn, many different types of goats.
 The angora rabbits, the lower right. Looks like a puppy. I learned at the show from a 4H member that angora wool comes from angora rabbits and mohair cones for angora goats. The rabbits are sheared 3- 4 times a year. Angora wool is warmer and lighter then wool. The lop ear rabbit,  could step on his ears.

    We also stopped by to take in some of the free shows scattered about the fairs grounds.

All the shows were very good or it doesn't take much to entertain old folks. But seriously the shows were good. We truly enjoyed the day. The temperature was just right and there was a threat of rain, so I guess that's why it wasn't to crowed. Just as we got to our car it started to rain. All the way back to the RV Park it poured. All in all it was a great day. Both Ed and Sharon who are from Texas said it was a better then the Texas State Fair.

The end of a perfect day.



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