Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Workamping - Work kamping - Work camping

 Workcamping, spelled several ways, but all mean the same.  Some information for our rv'ing friends. This isn't for us, but maybe someone will find this information useful. Spoke to some workcampers working here at the Thousand Trails Peace River Park, that worked at Amazon. They said the work was hard and tireing but stuck it out for their 3 month contract. They worked from late Sept to Dec 23rd. By doing so they each received a $500. bonus. They received $9.91 per hour and worked from 40-60 hours a week. They banked a little over $10,000 for the three months. They worked at the facility in KY. Amazon provided a full hookup site for them in addition to their pay. There were some couples that only one of them worked, but were still provided with an RV site. I ran this by Linda, but she said NO . I even said I would do all the cooking and laundry. But I just got that "look". You guys know what I mean. They also said Amazon is looking for 1000 workcamping couples for this year.  This summer we met a couple we worked with at Walt Disney World, and they said just about the same thing, except they worked in the KS facility. Both these two location are to cold for us in the winter.

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  1. You should try working at amazon.com in Fernley, NV. We did in 2011. Talk about COLD. Hell froze over. One morning when we got up to go to work it was -4. We had 1/2 hour drive each way to/from work. It took about five minutes for the car to warm up. That was cold! We've pretty much been in south Texas ever since.

    I think we thawed out May-June of 2012 when we gate guarded for two months. The temps got up to 104.

    Talk about extremes.