Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thousand Trails Peace River -New Farkel game

   We have been to this park before and you can see our  review under the label RV Parks FL, listed on the right. To add to that report we are in the lower section that is water and 30 amp electric. We will be here for two weeks. There is a pump out service for our holding tanks which cost $10. We already had one pump out and scheduled another one. We like this area of the park because the sites are more open and away from the noisy route 17 in the front of the park. When we came into the park there was a boil water alert. Someone knocked over and broke a water hook up line. So once the water line was fixed there is a automatic boil water alert till it is tested 3 times. This is what we were told. No problem as we still had about 75 gallons in our fresh water tank left over from the Tampa rally. We were going to dump it here on the grass after we checked in, but it came in handy. We just used our water till the water boil band was lifted. We were getting near the end of our supply, but we just used the water very conservatively. Like a boon docking situation, for our non rv'ing followers, rv'ing without hook ups. The water boil alert is over.  There are about 15-20 electric pedestals covered up, that are not working. In the laundry room you can now use a credit card. Not sure of the details, just some thing new to us.
 Our site B49

        We did walk some of the short trails around the RV park. In this area of the peace river, the water is very very low. Seems like kayaking is out. We didn't see any  of the resident alligators. Wonder were they are hiding.
    Two years ago friends Tom and Paula took us to Peace River Bees. We purchased some orange blossom honey and it was super. We ran out of that a while ago, so we took a trip there the other day. They are in a new building at the old entrance. They are just setting up the new store. We did get a supply of orange blossom honey and some blueberry honey. The wood they are using for their counter tops is swamp cypress. They had a picture of the tree it came from. It was buried in the ground in a dried up lake bed. It looked like it was just under a inch or two of earth.  I have seen how they harvest this type wood on the Discovery or History channel. Neat for us to see the real thing, after seeing it on TV. A truck load of their bees are on there way to CA to almond orchards. They will be there for 4 weeks,and than they come back to FL. The 2 gals working there (owners) were very informative about the bee business.
    We also met friends at Manny's in Winter Haven about 40 miles from here, but about half way between us for a birthday celebration for Andrea. We are toasting her, and she how "red" she is.

      While in Fort Myers visiting our friend Dianne we learned a new Farkel game. While it is new to us, not sure how long it's been around. It is called Spicy Farkel. Farkel is a very popular game among RVer's. The new game is like going from hi-fi to stereo. To much to tell about the game here. Do a Google search for it. It won't be long till it is in many places that sell games.
    While in the area we checked out the Escapees RV park. In this park you can buy a lot, and then resell it back to them when you want and get back your original cost. This a co-op park. We checked on availability of a lot and there is a 8-9 year waiting list. We did talk to one lady who is staying on a rental lot and she said they are in their 8th year of waiting for a lot. So Escapees, get your name on the list of one of there co-op parks if your thinking about it. Stop thinking and do it, you do get back your deposit if you opt out.
      While here we had to go pick some fresh strawberries. Well we picked 13 pounds. Linda made some delicious freezer jelly. We'll eat some fresh and freeze some for later use. We also purchased something new to us, purple cauliflowers. It turns white when you cook it. It is also orange picking time. There were about 50 trucks like this waiting to dump their load of oranges heading to the juicer. I hope its bigger then the one we have.

    We will be in the Orlando area till about the 7th of April. So we will not be posting to much till we start moving again, unless we find some new adventures.  If in the area give us a call so we can get together.

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