Friday, February 8, 2013

More Key West photo's

 Our hotel, also on the side of the street I'm on. Its like 5 small house under one name, like a BB, but called a hotel..
Downtown  Art and History Museum
Neat church
 Cruise ship in town
 Unusual tree, forgot the name
 Southern most house
 Southern most beach
 Key West Light House
 Two rooms in Ernest Hemming home

 A huge fresh caught grouper sandwich
 Ceiling of bar covered with dollar bills, one of 150 bars
 Part of this building is hand carve mahogany,built in 1891 ,Fl. National Bank and Center of Commerce. Hemmingway tried to cash a check for$1,000. was refused and he ended up cashing it at Sloppy Joe's Bar.
 Scooters and bikes for rent. A good way to get around, one of many.
 Mile 1 of hwy route 1 starts or ends here, depending which way you are heading.

 Linda really likes these trees, it is a banyan tree

 The Audubon house
 Henningways favorite hangout
 They Key Lime pie baker with Bob

 Sunset from the boat heading out of Key West
 Key West behind us
 Few folks liked the outdoor seating on the boat
Linda with the sunset, leaving Key West

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