Monday, March 25, 2013

Just relaxing and planning for a trip West

   Not doing much for the passed two weeks. Just relaxing and playing some games with friends. Getting in a little swimming and working on our tans. We did get out to dinner with friends a few times in the passed weeks. No place new, just the same old. Soon its time to move on. The biggest thing we did this week was install two new 6 volt batteries in our RV. This will boost our battery power quit a bit for when we are off the grid (for non Rver's, no electric hook up).
     One Sunday we went to the Alburdale flea market. Is this a legal "chop shop".
   Then there were the flea market
The little round things on the cement blocks are pices of hot dogs. You can feed the gators, for a fee.

      Then another Sunday we went to visit friends Chris and Tilly in Winter Haven and saw this...
I heard of "crop circles", but this was on water. We were looking out their back windows at the lake when this appeared. The photo was taken thur the window and it is raining very hard, so the photo isn't the best. It was very windy and the water was wavey, except for this circle that appeared. The circle was quit calm and slowly moved across the lake. It looked to be about 15-20  feet across. We watched for a good 5 minutes, then it disappeared. Is this a new phenomena, "water circles".
     We had a visit from friends Dave and Liz from Largo. We got caught up on the passed six months since we saw them last. Then what else, we had to go out to dinner.
      We will be at the Thousand Trails RV Park from the 24th of March to the 7th of April.
We will be attending the National Carriage Rally that is being held there from the 1st to the 7th. When we checked in we saw these guys, a Sand Crane family.  Check out the legs on the baby. We saw two other pairs with babies.

     While at the rally Bob will celebrate the big 70. I thought the kids were getting old, holy smokes, 70. After the rally we are heading to Indiana to have a new independent suspension and disk brakes installed in our RV. It is an expensive upgrade, but all the folks we know that had it done recommend it highly. So we are going to bit the bullet and do it. We have two appointments scheduled in Indiana for late April. Then, if all goes well we will head up to Michigan and then the Upper Peninsula of Michigan .

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