Monday, March 4, 2013

Ridge Live Steamers-Garden trains

    I was reluctant to go, but an I glad I went. What a great adventure on the outskirts of the town of Dundee. The event was the Florida Live Steam Winter Meet. There is a mile and a half of track and many style of trains. This is a model railroad and live steam enthusiasts super bowl. After signing a wavier you can ride the trains. I was amazed at the power of these little engines. There were many steam engines with super details. Many were coal fired. There were also electric engines. Many of the electric engines had two 12 volt batteries. The gauge is 7.5, which I believe is 7.5 inches between track rails. Also the term "live steam" means steam under pressure. They have a great website, see . The most amazing thing was there was no charge for anything except food.
Check out the size of the train

Check out the details.

The train yard
See the power and the lenght of this train
Linda and Sharon ready for a ride, Ed and I join them for a neat ride.
Our ride, through a tunnel and over and under the trussel.

Even a trolly
The long long train

How they unload the trains and move them to the veiwing stands and work area. The ''crane" is rolled to the unloading area and then raised.

The 1 guage layout.

These 2 guage 1's are steam fired, that is a water tank behind the engins


  1. Looks like great fun. I remember as kid, going to a friend's house who had turned his entire garage into a city for his train set, it was awesome!

  2. Wow, we love the small gauge trains. If you make it to San Antonio, check out the train ride at Brackenridge Park and the train ride in Landa Park in New Braunfels.