Saturday, March 16, 2013

Strawberry Festival 2013

    Another year, another Strawberry Festival. This is about the 4 or 5th  one we attended. It was a perfect day weather wise.  This year we got to see Janie Fricki and T G Sheppard. The show was ok. Janie seemed to be hitting all her notes just fine. We were a little disappointed with T G, just our opinion. Some of the highlights this year was a great dog show and pig races.  Linda forgot to charge her battries for the camera, so no pictures of the pig races. All the events where standing room only. They need more setting for the all the events.
Dogs come in all sizes. All the dogs in the show were "rescures".
They just couldn't wait to preform. There were some "dock dogs", dogs jumping of a dock to see how far they could jump. One dog jumped about 30 feet. Sorry no pictures.

 This guy jumped off her back and caught the frizzibee she threw.

We also saw the "Chics with axes show", a female lumberjack show.

 Log rolling.

We also saw a mash patoatos/strawberry pie eating contest, yek

     The pig races were really funny. There were 4 different size groups of 4 racers in each race. From I believe the smallest were just 4 weeks old, to a few months old. They even dove into a water hassard and swam about 30 feet. If you never saw pigs race, look for one coming to your neighborhood, its a good laugh. There are 6 different units of this pig racing company touring the country. And who said you can't make money racing pigs! This was a very popular event in that we arrived at the event a least a half hour early, and all seats were taken. So along with a lot of other folks we stood there watching pigs race. Who knows, maybe pigs can fly.


  1. We saw the pig races at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo a few weeks ago. They were so cute!

    The Dock Dogs are awesome.

    Lumberjills? Wow, do they ever have arm muscles. I may have to take up chopping wood. Ha!!

    1. Yes they do have muscles, and were really good at chopping.