Thursday, September 5, 2013

Starting our 9th year as Full Time RVer's

Again we say WOW. September starts our 9th year of this adventure. When we started we had no idea of how long we would continue on this adventure. But as of now we do not see an end to it. Even with all the problems we had this year. We will not dwell on the negatives and only dwell on the positive. We started year 8 in PA.  And again  we are starting our 9th year in PA. If you are following our blog you know we were in the state of WA when a medical problem for Bob had us make a fast trip back to PA. We will update more on that when we have more information to share with you all. Now back to year 8.
     We then went to SC for a Rally and spent about 3 weeks in SC.  We toured the wonderful city of Charleston. Then it was off to GA and super city of Savannah. We spent a week touring Savannah. From there we went to ST Augustine for another Rally. We then finished out the year of 2012 in FL. spending both Christmas and New Years with friends in the Orlando area.
    We started 2013 going to  a Rally in Bushnell and then to the Super RV Show and rally in Tampa. After that we went on a short vacations to Key West FL. We took a boat from Fort Myers down and spent the night. Then the next day we took the boat back to Fort Myers. It was a great trip thanks to our kids that gave us the tickets for the boat as part of our Christmas gift.  Thanks guys.   We then spent a few more months in FL. In early April after the great FL National Carriage  rally we started on another adventure.
    We planned on going west. We were going to spend about a year and a half out west and be back in PA around Oct. of 2014. We left FL and headed north west. Spent time in KY and IN, then onto MI. We spent a little over a month in MI. We had a great trip across the upper US to the state of WA. Unfortunately our plans changed. But this is one of the great things about being mobile. You can read about our travels in our blog.
   So here we are, back in PA where it all started for us. The passed 8 years have been great and we are hoping for some good medical reports, so we can start the next 8 years, God willing. So far we loved the ride and made many memories to look back on.

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  1. Happy anniversary, September 10th is our 4th year anniversary and we plan to go until we can't.