Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carriage Florida National Rally

   Wow it is here and gone. We along with 69 other rigs attended the Rally. We met up with many friends and made a number of new ones. We arrived at the Thousand Trails Orlando RV Park a week early on 3/24/13. We did meet up with some members the first day we arrived. Then one by one other members and friends starting coming in. The official first day was April 1st. After hugs and  getting reaquainted with friends we had a dinner provided by the RV Park.With  about 140 other members I was surprised to have all present sing "Happy Birthday" to me. It was  very nice of all the members.
   On our ride of 12 miles to the RV  Park a service engine light came on in our truck. Took it to a local Chevy/GM dealer, and $2000. + later we got it back. So far all seems well. Good thing it happened while we were here and not on the road somewhere.
     The rally goes on with many seminars and some craft classes. We did get to play a number of games of domino's, and had a laughing good time. We had 3 catered dinners that were very good with more then enough food. As a matter of fact,enough food left over that we had an evening get together that used up most of the leftovers. The leftovers fed about 40 of us that stayed on after the rally ended. Then with the left over meats Dave H. made a super jambalaya. The group was now down to about 30. Dave added some shrimp and his secret ingredients for another super meal.
   We did plan on leaving on Sunday morning, but because of a missing "dipstick" from our truck we had to wait till a new one came in on Monday. So early  Tuesday we hit the road. 8 o'clock is early for us.

Patches from previous rallies

Getting ready for dinner

Chinese auction table with donate items

The attendees , from many states and Canada.

The first timers of a National Rally, Linda and Bob on the far right. We had attended chapter rallies, but never a national rally.


Bob's newest friend Phyllis. She was teaching Bob how to speak "Southern".

The Newlywed game.

The "Past Tenses", a 50's - 60's group.

Did you every see a sax in a country band? There was also a trumpet.
Dave and Pat were given an award for outstanding service, and they were the rally co-host
Tom and Nickie, rally host and also given an award for outstanding service

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