Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nashville TN April 2013

      We left the park early on Friday. We drove 240  miles to Nashville TN, well actually Goodlettsville. We are at Nashville Country RV Park. Traffic was very heavy around Nashville with some construction. With all the hills our mpg dropped. The truck dropped to 10.4 mpg, and the HHR dropped to 37.5 mpg. We got checked in and set up , and had a quick bit to eat and headed to downtown Nashville. We went to the Opryland hotel to check out the indoor garden, which were under water in the 2010 floor that devastated Nashville. They recovered.

 The lobby of the hotel

 The gardens

Then we went to the Grand Ole Opry to buy tickets for Saturday, but the ticket office was closed. We missed it by half hour. The Opry at night.

 Saturday we drove to the ticket office of the Grand old Opry. We did get tickets for the evening show.  We had our choice of main floor way off to the side or center balcony front row. We took the balcony. Turn out to be great seats.
     Then we took a ride to the entertainment district. Wow, tons of people. It was a beautiful day bright and sunny and temps in the high 60's. The sidewalks were crowded.We checked out a number of the clubs, all with entertainment, but boy were they crowded, couldn't find a seat in any of them. After several hours we headed to The Cock Of The Walk Restaurant. We ate there 10 years ago with fellow RVer's and friends Ed and Vivian from York Pa. We did visit them about a month ago in FL. The "fried pickles" were great, along with all the other food. see

Note the large plate of fried pickles. Linda said the were the best we ever had.

Note most of the fried pickles are gone. The combo platter, fried catfish, shrimp and chicken. We couldn't finish it all.

After dinner we headed back to the Grand Old Opry for the show.
      The show was great with the following:

Jim Ed Brown, we  saw him at the Florida State Fair this passed February.

Mark Wills

Mark Snider

 Riders In The Sky, check out the tie.

Jimmy C. Newman

The Grascals

Connie Smith, who we also saw at the FL State Fair

Stonewall Jackson

Lennon and Maisy Stella, from the TV show Nashville.

Two of the stars from the Nashville TV  show, not sure of their names.

Bobby Osborne and the Rocky Top Express

Bill Anderson

The headliner Scott McCreery

This is a picture of the flood of 2010. Note the water is up on the stage. The area did a great job to recover.

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