Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Lane Motor Museum Nashville TN

   We have been to a number of car museums but none as unique as this one. This is not your typical car museum. There are cars here from all over the world. Their web site just wets your appitite. See  Their are propeller driven cars, the largest collection of European cars in the US, amphibious cars, motorcycles, race cars, and one of a kinds, etc. We were amazed at all the 3 wheeled cars. See the photo for the reason why there were so many. We truly enjoyed this museum. The museum is housed in a former Sunbeam bakery. There are many photo's of its pasted history. Here is just a sampling of the many photo's we took.

Off we go

 Built in Frackville PA in our back yard and never heard of them

15 built for $7000., a Corvair engine

1937 Tempo, twin engines, 4 wheel steering 
1975 Mini Contesse from France

1958 BMW Isette, 1955/62, 161,360 made, $1,048

Read the above

Read the above, I never saw these

 This car was Gene Lanes 1st car, he started to restore it at age 12.

1919 Leyst Helico Reeplica, built from original plans, propeller driven


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