Thursday, June 20, 2013

Refecting on our blog and future plans

    In the month of May we had posted our 440th blog post. That's a lot of words, and pictures. Unfortunately some of our early photo's disappeared. Hopefully this won't happen again and maybe if time permits we will try to find replacements for the missing photo's. At the end of April we are just over of 4,000 "hits' on our blog.  I know that's not a lot by some of the big sites on YouTube and face book. But our blog is also our journal of our life on the road, written for us, our family  and you our followers.  I just wish we would have our first 3 years in our blog. We are thankful for all those who followed along, THANK YOU.
    We have been truly blessed in our passed 8+ years of traveling full time in an RV. We have seen so much of Gods beautiful landscapes and met so many wonderful people, I repeat, we are truly blessed. We are hoping we have 8 more years before us, but if we had to stop tomorrow we have many many memories to comfort us in the twilight of our years. We are thankful we still have good health to be able to do what we are doing.
    We are looking forward, and are still planning parts our next big adventure. We plan on going west, to Washington and touring down the west coast. We had hope to be further west by now, but had several delays. Like right now . Our microwave/convection oven quit. A new one has to come from the factory and will take 7-10 days shipping. So we are sitting here waiting for its arrival and seeing all that is in the area. We were hoping to be at Glacier National Park by the first day of summer. So we may skip a few things on our way to there. We don't like to be regulated by reservations, but to travel and stop when and wherever.  We want to get from point A to point B without a schedule. This is sometimes a little problem during summer vacations months and holidays. We will make reservation but hopefully only a day or two in advance. That way if we find something we like we can stay as long as we like without worrying about getting to our next stop. Thanks again for traveling and following along with us. There are still four of us on this adventure, me Bob, Linda the proof reader and photographer  and Lilly and Blazer our beloved dogs, their ashes are on board. New followers see our tribute to Lilly and Blazer in the labels on the right of our blog to meet these two great companions.
     Again thanks for following along and be safe.

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